Grey Line Entertainment is always interested in hearing from prospective writers. If you have a project you would like to submit, please follow the guidelines listed below.


All initial queries should only be sent via e-mail to the attention of Sara Miller. Please visit our contact page for additional e-mail information. 

Note: Do NOT send attachments. Any queries that include an attached file will be deleted unread. Further, in order to fairly respond to the large amount of queries we receive, we do not accept multiple submissions. (This covers submitting a list of completed projects in one query as well as under separate cover for each.)

For Screenplay, Fiction, and Non-Fiction projects, please send a cover letter, under one page in length, which includes a logline, brief synopsis for the project, any relevant publication and/or production history, and current contact information.

We respond to all queries as quickly as possible. However, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, please allow between two to three weeks for a response.

Should you have any questions regarding our submission process, please do not call our offices. Concerns may be sent by e-mail and a representative will respond as quickly as possible. 


Below are submission policies for requested material only (Any un-requested material we receive shall be discarded unread):

Please allow between 6-8 weeks for a response to all requested material. 

Screenplay/Treatment Submissions:
When requested, please send your project, synopsis, a copy of our request for the material, as well as our release form (link can be found below). 

Screenplays/Treatments should be formatted using Courier New Font, 12 point. Treatments should be double spaced.

Note: Treatments and Screenplays submitted without a completed and signed Grey Line Submission Form will be discarded. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for our reply. Screenplays submitted without an SASE* (self-addressed stamped envelope) will be discarded after review.

We strongly recommend that before submitting a screenplay, it be registered either through the Copyright Office or Writer's Guild of America.

Click to download:  Submission Form (in PDF Format)

If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, download a free copy here.

**Submission forms should ONLY be submitted with requests for Screenplays or Treatments. It is NOT required for Synopses, Manuscripts or Non-Fiction Proposals.**

Manuscript Submissions:
Please send the requested material, synopsis,  a copy of our request, and the request number provided to you

Manuscript format should be as follows:
Font: Courier New, 12 point
Spacing: Double
Header: Title/Author Name

In order to receive a reply or return for your material, be sure to include a SASE*.

Non-Fiction Proposals/Projects:
Requested Proposals/Projects should be sent along with a copy of our request, the request number provided to you, and a SASE* for a return or reply.

Non-Fiction Proposal/Project Packages should include:
- Project Overview
- Chapter Descriptions
- Two sample chapters
- Author Bio
- Relevant Supporting Materials

Please Note:

*For all submissions, you MUST enclose a SASE if you desire a return or reply for your project. If you do not include a SASE, you should not e-mail/call requesting the status/decision on your submission and expect a reply. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, it is impossible for Grey Line to provide status reports to projects that do not include a SASE. Further, Grey Line does note which submissions were received with a SASE.

If mailing material from outside the United States, please refrain from sending postage coupons.

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